For Your Infrastructure

Comprehensive risk management for any mail system

No matter the infrastructure, business risks remain. Your email might be on-premises, in the cloud with Office 365 or G Suite or a hybrid environment. Mimecast can help.

Office 365

Make cloud email safer for business by addressing three critical email needs: security, archiving and continuity. Benefit from our best-of-breed security, including protection from spear-phishing. Ensure you have an independent backup of all your valuable corporate data. Keep employees productive during system outages. Make Office 365 safer with Mimecast's fully integrated service bundles delivered 100% from the cloud. Support your email environment with a cloud-only companion.

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Microsoft Exchange

Get all the control and protection without the usual cost and complexity. Create the level of security you need with cloud email management bundles. Extend the capabilities of your email system to include spear-phishing and other advanced threat protection. Support better e-discovery. Automate mailbox archiving and maintain mail continuity even during primary system outages.

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G Suite

Protect your email from internal and external threats. Meet compliance and e-discovery requirements. Keep email flowing when Google mail is down. Support instant recoverability. Reduce the risk and effort required for migrations. All with integrated service bundles built for and delivered from the cloud.

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Remove cost and complexity by centrally managing multiple platform environments. Apply the same security, policy management and business continuity to all mailboxes. Get protection from spear-phishing and advanced threats. Archive information and support e-discovery.

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