Mime|OS – True Cloud Architecture

The ultimate cloud platform delivering leading cyber resilience

Organizations are moving on-premises technology to the cloud to help reduce capital expenses and simplify IT management. But, many of the essential solutions for managing the risks of email are not cloud-ready. They come bound by the same challenges and limitations as on-premises hardware. What’s worse, they are often siloed offerings that address a single risk, meaning multiple point solutions are needed.

What your organization needs is an integrated cyber resilience platform, designed for and born in the cloud. You need a cybersecurity solution that:

  • Applies threat intelligence instantly
  • Is built for performance and efficacy
  • Can be rapidly enhanced with new features and products
  • Is scalable, reliable and secure by design
  • Is easy to plug into using open APIs

 This is the value delivered by Mimecast, supported by Mime|OS.

Multi-Product Cyber Resilience

Mimecast combines and integrates multiple products into a single service to deliver comprehensive cyber resilience, incorporating advanced email and web security, archiving, recovery and disaster recovery. Delivered from one highly-scalable and resilient platform, Mime|OS, this approach overcomes the siloed or point-solution challenge faced by many organizations in trying to address critical business risks.

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Mime│OS supports a building-block development approach with a repository of high-functioning, granular software components called microservices. This approach gives Mimecast the ultimate in flexibility to meet current and future needs quickly and efficiently. New or enhanced Mimecast products are built using new combinations and configurations of microservices assembled to deliver the capabilities needed, so our developers aren’t coding from scratch.

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Secure Multi-tenant Architecture

Mime|OS secure multi-tenancy takes advantage of the cost and performance benefits of industry-standard hardware and resource-sharing. This reduces operational cost and complexity with updates processed centrally and available immediately. This means we have only one current version of our service to maintain which simplifies management, support and product development.

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