Content Control and DLP

Protect against the leakage of intellectual property and other sensitive data to ease compliance with regulations

Protect your organization from data leakage including, intellectual property, customer details and other sensitive information via email. Email content and secure communication policies can be created and applied to outbound traffic in real-time.

data leak prevention

Content Control and DLP Provides:

  • Full email body and attachment scanning to detect, encrypt or block the sending of sensitive information.
  • The detection of customer lists, personally identifiable information, code names, and many other types of sensitive data using managed dictionaries and fuzzy hash document fingerprinting.
  • Converts documents to shareable formats, such as PDF and ODF, and removes document metadata (comments, track changes, etc)
  • Policy-based signature, legal notice creation, and the application of branding on outbound emails.
  • Email encryption with best-effort and policy-enforced TLS usage.

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Email Security - Solution Overview

Email Security - Solution Overview

The Corporate Story

The Corporate Story